Premium Heating Oil

Reduce your fuel-related service calls and emissions with premium Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil designed to maintain the integrity and quality of your fuel, and help improve home heating oil efficiencies.


  • Improves fuel oil quality
  • Promotes a healthier heating system
  • Extends the life of the heating system's filter
  • Reduces unscheduled fuel related service calls
  • Contains up to 5% renewable BioHeat

Automatic Deliveries

Fisher Churchill has the best technology available for our automatic delivery customers to ensure worry free heating. We use advanced forecasting software along with computerized electronic meters in the trucks to make Automatic Delivery a fully customized feature specific to your homes usage.

On Demand Deliveries

For customers who want to control their own fuel deliveries, Fisher Churchill has made ordering fuel on demand easy and available 24/7. Customer can order online, via text/email or by calling our office.

Fisher-Churchill Delivery